Passion. Experience.


Matt is a well-known chef from Minneapolis who has been featured in Heavy Table, City Pages, Pioneer Press, Lavender Magazine, l'etoile as well as on Kare 11 and CBS. 

His love of sausages and charcuterie started in 2010.

He is self-taught and learned while on the job. In 2011, he started on a mission to create 100 different sausages (you can read about the beginning here). Some of his past recipes include Habanero Chicken Chorizo, Green Curry Wurst and Gyro Sausage. He also created some pretty great burgers, such as the Bottineau Burger, Brown Butter Bison Burger and Cheddar Ale Burger. 

Through working at three different restaurants, he continued this mission and is still creating new sausages.

His passion drove us to begin a new chapter....

We visited Iceland in the fall of 2015, where the hot dog is a main food staple. We were inspired and soon our vision was to have a sausage cart. So in March 2016, we ended up taking a 3,400 mile road trip to pick up the custom made Nordic Nomad cart in Florida. 

Not just for meat eaters!

We offer an amazing vegetarian sausage made with mushrooms, quinoa and beans. Matt has been cooking this recipe at home for many years and decided it is time to share it with you. Best veggie sausage in the state!